Our mission is to build a trustworthy and profitable company providing our customers with creative and original ideas, professional handling and engineering services.

FILBIS LLC Skopje is a private engineering company that offers services for designing and consulting in the area of construction, mechanics, architecture, electrical installation, civil engineering, hydromechanics, fire protection, safety, protection at work and ecology.

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Certified Standard ISO 9001:2008

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Latest Projects

  • Basic project for internal stations dor diesel fuel in Cement foundry “USJE” – Skopje (Project, 2012)
  • Project for silos V=220m3, complete with following installations for loading of ground petroleum coke in Cement foundry “USJE”-Skopje (Project, 2012)​
  • Basic project for diesel generating plant in “VIP OPERATOR” in Skopje (Project, 2012)
  • Basic project for new gas and fuel pump station “Pucko Petrol” in Aerodrom, Skopje (Project, 2012)
  • Basic project for installation for Eternal flame in the park “Zena Borec” in Skopje (Project, 2012)

Main Goals

Our goal is finding the most reliable solution in accordance with the newest standards, technology events, and legislation by means of building strong relations on trust with our clients. We believe there are no barriers but only challenges on the way to success. .. read more »