Filbis l.l.c. offers reliable engineering and consulting services and complete engineering support in the construction of objects and facilities in the field of Energetics, (Fuels, Boiler rooms, HVAC), Fire protection, Environment protection, etc.

Solving complex problems for our clients is the primary mission of Filbis since its very early times. Over the last 15 years, we are constantly focused on enhancing and complementing the team and as well as the products’ and solutions’ portfolio offering, that are tailored to the demanding expectations of our clients in the area of mechanical engineering. Filbis is able to deliver modern, up to date with the latest standards and legislations mechanical solutions accompanied by highly professional engineering services for any aspect of the contemporary.

Our activities include:

​•Compiling all kinds of studies, analysis, and projects
•Engineering and consulting services
•​Complete engineering support in the construction of objects and  facilities that are under the field of energetics, fire protection, and environment protection
•Audit and supervision.
•Performing all kinds of underground and on-ground water analysis and activities.
•Wholesale trade and export-import.