ENERGY Comprehensive understanding of the energy structure, development of models for optimization and simulation, manufacturing, distribution, saving and substitution of energy, energy efficiency. Storage and handling of all types of fuels.
INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY Following the new technologies and working methods. Analysis of existing conditions and new technological needs of the industrial enterprises and creation of new technological solutions or innovations, increase productivity and cost performance, improved reliability, energy efficiency and environmental condition.
THERMOTECHNOLOGY Design and construction of all types of heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning for industrial, public and residential buildings.
ELECTRICAL Design and construction of all types of electrical installations (power facilities, distribution substations and transformers, electric motor drives, lighting, automation of technological systems, alarm, siganalisation and security systems).
HYDROTECHNICS Design and construction of systems for the production, processing and distribution of drinking water and technological water acceptance and drainage of atmospheric, technological waters.
GASIFICATION Design and construction of all types of gas installations for technical gases and fumes from I, II, and III group and their application in medical, industrial, public and residential buildings, as well as traffic.
TRAFFIC Design and construction of all types of road infrastructure and superstructure (roads, streets, BPS et seq.).
FIRE PROTECTION AND SPDW Hazard analysis, measures and means of protection for all types of industrial, public and residential buildings.Design of robust systems for fire protection.
 ECOLOGY Analysis of pollution of the atmosphere, soil, water and noise and determination of measures and means to improve the situation. Design and construction of treatment systems. Application of modern technologies to improve the environmental situation