FILBIS is honored to serve you—the best clients and customers a firm could have!

FILBIS is a modern company and in its structure is formed with engineers. This company has 13 employees and few outside collaborators. Half of the employees in our company have long years of experience with project management and organization, designing objects and installations in the field of energy. All of the employees are certified, with long working experience and skills which they have upgraded working in our company.

We are truly fortunate to have leaders throughout our organization who care about what they do and about you, our clients and customers. We try to teach the employees the principals of our company and we stand responsible behind our activities and solutions:

  • Professionalism (defined methodology and standards, planning and audit of the implementation, expertness and continual improvement.
  • Functionality.
  • Complexity (technical, technological, financial, commercial, organizational aspect).
  • Economics (recognition of all costs and financial effects in favor of the investors).